Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mercedes Blackbird Tron

Mercedes Blackbird Tron, a brand new model is an honor to the Mercedes brand that represents tradition, innovation as well future oriented versions. The aim of this project, however was to design an effigy for the Mercedes factory located in Hungary, which personifies the idea of Mercedes Design. The new car, emphasizing the sporty Mercedes has the right application of colors, materials as well as surface finishing. Initially this project focused on illustrating the energetic elements in a statue, which turned out to be an automobile project named Blackbird. Taking its inspiration from airplane kinship, the Lockheed Blackbird Sr71 is regarded as the fastest manned aircraft. With great speed and future of the brand being the primary motive of this project, the sporty shaped Lockheed Blackbird Sr71 turns out to be a great success in the racing field. The lights emphasize the gaudy shape of Mercedes.

Designer : Péter Várdai


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