Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 Great Death Escapes

Flight 961
It was 23 November 1996, when Franklin Huddle former US counsel general of Bombay at that time survived along with his wife while traveling on the Ethiopian Airlines Flight961; Flight 961 was hijacked by three Ethiopian hijackers; soon after hijack it Crashed; this crash was featured in an episode of “Mayday”.Pilot miraculously survived
34-year old pilot Bob Roberston miraculously survived when his cargo plane crashed on the motorway, this accident took place during September 2007, eye-witness of this incident Stewart McLeod said that “The entire front of the plane was gone, and he was left sitting in his seat with his seatbelt on.”, one very interesting thing about this accident was that pilot only got minor injuries.
Ivers sims
On Monday 12 April, when Ivers Sims was working in 67m up a Peiner SK400 tower crane in Atlanta, Georgia, fire broke on the construction site below and the fierce wind helped fire grow, When it became too hot in the cabin, Sims climbed along the counter-jib and perched on the concrete counterweight,For an hour and a half he waited as the Atlanta fire service tried to combat the flames, at the end Atlanta fire service saved him.
Michael Holmes fall
Michael Holmes British skydiver fell from 15000 feet but still managed to survive due to thick shambles, He escaped with a punctured lung and broken ankle in the plunge at Taupo on New Zealand’s North Island.
Truck Driver Escaped death
A truck driver escaped unharmed after his truck collided with a train linking Al-Kharj city with Riyadh. The train was coming from Al-Kharj on its way to Riyadh. The train conductor was unable to stop when he noticed the truck.
The truck was demolished, but the train was able to continue after the accident was investigated.

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