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5 Reported Encounters With Vampires

Arnold Paole and Vampirism
Arnold Paole was a Serbian outlaw, who became vampire after his death in 1726, it is believed that he killed at least 16 people in his native village of Meduegna located at the Morava river near the town of Paraćin,his case is a very famous vampire encounter case ,because of direct involvement of the Austrian authorities and the documentation by Austrian physicians and officers, who confirmed the reality of vampires, most of the reporting on this case is done by two Austrian military doctors, Glaser and Flückinger, who were sent to investigate the case.
Peter Plogojowitz
Peter Plogojowitz lived in a village named Kisilova in the part of Serbia , he was a peasant and he died in 1725; Peter became vampire after his death and he killed nine of his villagers. Peter Plogojowitz ‘s vampire case is most well-documented case relating to vampirism ,this case was reported by Imperial Provisor Frombald, who was an official of the Austrian administration.
Peter Plogojowitz died in 1725 ,it followed by nine persons sudden death and these victims claimed to be killed by Plogojowitz, his wife told reporters that, his husband visited her ,just after his death to ask for his shoes; When his body was examined by local priest and inhabitants of Kisilova, it was found that his body was undecomposed, the hair and beard were grown and there were “new skin and nails”, which are clear signs of vampirism.
Vampires attack Ghost town
Gold was discovered in Caribou, Alaska, in 1899 and, within two years, over 30,000 people inhabited this small town to seek their fortune, but when the gold ran out in 1901, Caribou became a ghost town; Forty-one years later, a team of ten Army Engineers arrived in Caribou to construct the Alcan Highway, the passage that would finally connect Alaska with the lower 48 United States.On the night of June 13th, 1942, Project Headquarters in Whitehorse, Canada, received an urgent radio message from the Caribou camp, a terrified sounding man told headquarters about a vampire attack; an assault team flew from Seattle to tackle the menace of vampires, they killed all the vampires present in the camp, after destroying the camp vampires, they killed vampires present in the gold mine, who were responsible for all the mess.
An examination of the clothing and personal effects of the vampires found in the abandoned gold mine revealed that the five vampires must have been infected and transformed during the Caribou Gold Rush of 1899-1901. Somehow, the vampires had come back to life after unprecedented forty-year dormancy.
Brazilian Women and Vampire
It was October 1977, when a Brazilian woman named Claudomira Paixao, woken by a bright light shining through her bedroom window ; Then a figure appeared amid a wave of intense heat and extracted her blood with a needle. Claudomira was unable to move or cry out until the being abruptly vanished. She was later taken to hospital and treated for burns.
Frederick and Vampires
One July afternoon in 1968, Jennings Frederick was hunting in forests near Rivesville, West Virginia when he heard a voice addressing him. “I come as a friend. I come in peace,” “I wish medical assistance. I need your help.” Jennings felt something grabbed his arm, and turned round to find himself facing a bizarre green-skinned humanoid.
The humanoid had a slim body like the stalk of a plant and extremely thin arms like tendrils. It punctured Frederick’s arm with needle-like fingers and began extracting blood. Then its eyes turned red and started spinning, putting Frederick into a trance. Once it had sated its appetite, the entity released its grip and bounded away, taking 25-ft-long strides.

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