Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Most Unusual Sleeping Bags

Take a look at some unusual sleeping bags. No matter where you are or where you; if you are planning to go camping or simply crash at a friend’s hose you can sleep tight providing that you have a sleeping bag. And nothing says sweet dreams like a nice-looking, comfortable sleeping bag, don’t you think. Many would prefer sleeping in a sleeping bag than in a comfy bad.

1. The Shark Attack Sleeping Bag

It will keep you warm and cozy, but if you have a fear of sharks maybe this is a good way to overcome it or at least be comfortable enough to dream about these sharp-teethed sea creatures.

2. Bear Sleeping Bag

If you decide that you want to sleep in the woods, it may be a good idea to sleep in one of those, bear sleeping bags. Who know maybe a bear will ignore you if you look like it cousin.

3. Sleeping Suit

If you are one of those people who like to sleep longer and you hate going to work in the morning, you can take a nap in this sleeping suit while at work. Maybe your coworkers will look at you in a weird way, but who cares as long as you look fashionable and rested.

4. Inflatable Sleeping Coat/Bag

This practical coat is made of waterproof fabric that will keep you warm and can be inflated to make a comfortable sleeping bag for you to sleep in. Neat, ha?

5. Elmo Sleeping Bag for Kids

Elmo sleeping bag will enable your child to feel happy and warm inside. Plus it looks adorable.

6. Cocoon; A Hanging Sleeping Bag

If you are one of those people who hate bugs, maybe you would consider hanging from a tree in a cocoon.

7. Adam and Eve Sleeping Bag

It is a sleeping bag designed for two people. If you are comfortable sleeping naked, you want have a problem getting in this sleeping bag.

8. Cadaver Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in this sleeping bag may give you the creeps.

Body Sleeping Bag

This unusual sleeping bag will make you feel comfortable in someone else’s body. How creepy.

Jacket Sleeping Bag

If you are out camping or climbing a mountain you don’t want to feel restrained but war and comfortable. This walkable sleeping bag was designed just for that.

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