Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Most Unusual Bathrooms

These are some of the most unusual bathrooms. Every rational person expects from a bathroom to be clean and to have hot water. However, in some cases people tend to disregard basic hygienic needs of the users while trying to make the bathroom look fashionable and prepared to be used. In such cases we may end up having to take a leak in an ice toilet or under the ground (in this case it has a double meaning just you wait and see). If you have a nice functional bathroom that you can use, try to avoid some of these strangely designed toilets.
While staying in a hotel made of ice you might inquire first about what kind of restroom you will be using. This is not necessarily the best way to take a dump but might be the only one. You will freeze your derriere off.
When artists try to get creative and do the facilities in a unique way, one’s bathroom might end up looking something like this. This restroom unit masterpiece is entitled “The Many Uses of Water” where the artist used an interesting motif of beautiful ceramics in blue colors.
The only place where football players and their fans would feel comfortable to relieve themselves during the halftime is this soccer ball shaped restrooms in South Korea and Japan during the World Cup finals back in 2002.

If you have a shy blather then the nun and alligator public urinal are not for you. In this four story public toilet there are more than 1,000 toilets in 30,000 square feet. The government officials are preparing to submit an application to list this facility as the world’s largest public restroom in the Guinness World Record
In the UK you can take a leak almost underground. The pop-up urinals are used during the night time. They are lowered into the ground when they are not needed. The pop up urinals can be used by 3 persons simultaneously. Just be careful not to be pulled underground while urinating.
The pop up toilets are not the only unusual toilets in the UK, they also have a semi transparent toilet. It was built in front of London’s Tate Britain Gallery as an art exhibit by an Italian artist. What is characteristic about this bathroom is that the person inside can see the passers-by but they cannot see the person inside the toilet. Neat, ha?
If you ever get the opportunity to go outer space you will be forced to use the space bathroom. Without gravity it was hard to ensure that water stays in the toilet so NASA was forced to create pumps and harness airflow to create an effective and hygienic bathroom for astronauts.
The “Toilet Bar” is a public bathroom in Vienna. It is located near the Austrian National Opera. There were several units of urinals shaped like thick lips with teeth and tongue. However, many found these urinals to be offensive and sexist so had to be removed.

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