Sunday, March 20, 2011

World Most Unusual Bed Shape

Well, like we know the usual shape of bed that mostly used by human in this planet was a rectangle shape, but now in this modern era, there’s several unusual bed shape in the market. bed that we use is usually only a rectangular shape with order sheets and pillows and bolsters, but if you ever see the shape of the bed we slept a strange and unique, if you’re curious let us refer to the picture’s most unique bed in the world
As a place for sleep the bed has a new revolutionary design that can help you gather a better dreams and more relaxed. naturally people relaxed their stresswhen they laying on a comfortable bed. so here’s the world most unusual bed shape
1. Fantasy Coach, A fairytale bed
Fantasy Coach, A fairytale bed
Imagine you were sleeping in a wonderland, wish that you got a nice dream on that bed
2. Private Cloud, the rocking bed
3. The Scoop
4. The Computer Bed
Wow.. This might be the coolest bedi’ve ever seen before. this bed could fit me.
5. Quantum Sleeper, the “anti-terrorist” bed
6. Magnetic Floating Bed
7. BedUP, the Ceiling Bed

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