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  You are what you wear, and when it comes to cars, you wear your status on the roads.
Unlike “fake” brand-name clothes and handbags, with a car there’s no fooling anyone: No way can you fake a car brand.And given that what hits the road must be authentic, a car makes a strong statement about its owner’s persona.

Just imagine what it must be like to drive a Ferrari – how it would feel to have that power at your fingertips and your lifestyle and social status redefined. To have, hold and cherish such a car – with its skyhigh purchase price and maintenance costs – ensures you a position among the crème de la crème.  

Once let loose only on racing circuits, Hollywood boulevards or the freeways of Europe, more and more top-of-the-range luxury sports cars are making their ways onto regular streets in Jakarta.Not even Jakarta’s traffic can prevent car lovers from parading their Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis on our roads.But if you think money is all you need to own a car such as a Ferrari, then you will have to think again. In some cases, it turns out, it is the car that picks you, not the other way around.

Ferrari fanatic Ruhut said buyers must first “pass” certain requirements before being allowed to drive a certain type of car. Ruhut said he had to fill out a questionnaire, which asked him to specify what kinds of sports car he already owned.“It is important for Ferrari to make sure their cars are sold to the right people. You really have to know how to drive a sports car,” said Ruhut, a lawyer-cum-actor and former president of the Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia.

“It’s true that you have to act a little bit snobbish to own a Ferrari. If not, you won’t be allowed to buy one.”

The screening demands for ownership of an Enzo Ferrari are even more onerous, Ruhut added. The model, named after the company’s founder Enzo Ferrari, is priced at around US$670,000.

“ To own an Enzo, you have to already own one or two Ferraris and be listed as a longtime loyal Ferrari customer.”

But for Indonesian buyers, the strict ownership requirements are not the only obstacle.
of the 400 Enzo owners in the world, Ruhut revealed, eight are Indonesians.

“Yes, they don’t actually drive it. They bought it just for their collections

Ferrari fanatics also have to put their passion to drive on hold and be patient.
“To build one Ferrari requires about four to five months, and buyers must wait at least one year after that to get their hands on their dream cars,” said Christopher, sales and marketing manager of Citra Otomotif, sole distributor for Ferrari, Maserati and Ducati in Indonesia.
“Ferrari is not mass produced and it’s limited to a certain segment with a lengthy waiting list already.”
The long queue does not prevent customers from purchasing their piece of the Italian legend.
Arie said Ferrari was able to maintain its market here with stable sales of around 25 units every year. Since 2001, about 300 Ferraris have been sold in Indonesia.

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The Dynamic Duo

Maybach 62s

Lamborghini LP 550-2 "Valentino Balboni"

Ferrari Enzo   

Continental "Supersport"

Mercedes Benz Black Series

The Jakarta Clubbers

Lamborghini Aventador

di polizia

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder "Performante"


Aventador < --- > Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale ( Special Edition )

...and Gallardo STS "Grigio Telesto" ( Special Edition )

Ferrari FF 

...And many more.

“A car like Lamborghini has loyal fanatics – something that means its sales won’t be affected despite the current global downturn,” PT Lamborghini Jakarta brand manager Jimmy Rianto said.
He said the Indonesian market had been waiting for a long time for the Italian luxury vehicle to arrive.
“We believe that there are many Lamborghini fanatics in Indonesia."
According to Jimmy, Gallardo LP 5640-4 is expected to be the most sought-after Lamborghini here. In the United States, that model is priced at more than $200,000.
Like other limited luxury brands, Lamborghini do not have ready stock; interested buyers must place an order and then wait.
“How long a buyer has to wait will depend on the type of car,” Jimmy said. “There is no specific period.”

“Those Supercars market in Indonesia has grown significantly, making it considered The Most growth market in Southeast Asia,” Arie said. And because they are already a strong and exclusive brand, “its promotional activities are limited only to certain exclusive groups,” he added. “Every kind of those limited-edition supercars, with the highest prices, is already owned by an Indonesian.”

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