Friday, February 18, 2011

Artistic Guitars

Musicians are known to be slightly eccentric, especially when it comes to their instruments. There have been a number of overly elaborate guitars shown over the years, and their unique styles make them more of a work of art rather than an instrument. These however, can still play.

This artistic guitar was made to look like a red demon woman.

This overly elaborate guitar looks like the inverted pentagram with the goat head of Satan.

Along with the evil, you have to have the good. This very ornate and artistic guitar looks very angelic.

An even more elaborate instrument, this guitar looks like and angle holding the cross.

Not all artistic guitars have to do with religion. This artistic guitar looks like a foot with wings and shows a wide range of bright colors.

I can’t tell whether this bass is meant to look like a revolver or a shotgun. Either way, this gun guitar gets the point across.

You know, you really can build anything with Lego’s. This guitar was constructed completely with Lego’s, and the electronic parts of the guitar, of course.

The best should always be saves for last. What it loses in function, it gains in form. This guitar is made to look like Betty Boop, and not just her head.

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