Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Color of Jakarta

What will it look like when 11,200 people, including many expats, take part in the 5K Color Run as they are sprayed with colored powder while running?
One of the participants, Sinta Kusuma Dewi, said she and some of her friends from the Indo Runners community would dress up as brides for the uwntimed running event. “The theme is runaway brides. We will use colorful tutus, veils and wear big flowers on our head to make our run merrier,” she said on Saturday.
Sinta admitted she was interested in joining the event as it looked fun as she watched YouTube videos about Color Run events held in other countries.
The Color Run, which began in Tempe, Arizona, US, in 2012, has been held in over 150 cities in the US and 50 other cities around the world.
Color Run media relations representative Elizabeth Fang said that Jakartans were excited about the first Color Run in the country.
She said the President’s eldest son, Agus Yudhoyono, would join the event as he also liked to run.

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