Thursday, May 1, 2014

J-Woow!!!! Episode III

Speed enforcement Jakarta

2014 Ferrari Berlinetta

Ferrari 458 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3  RSR

LP720-4 "50th Anniversary" Roadster

 LP720-4 "50th AnniversaryGrigio Titans

2014 Huracan

LP720-4 "50th Anniversary" Roadster

458 Speciale

2014 McLaren P1

Mclaren P1 Ferrari 458 Speciale Lamborghini Aventador LP700

RR Phantom Coupe series II Aviator Collections

The Four Musketeers

....Rudi,30, is a premium carmaker’s prime target. Tremendously wealthy and enthusiastic about supercars, he represents a growing market luxury carmakers do not want to miss out on.

“I love cars with big cc-engines because they spike my adrenalin,” Rudi, said in an interview during a Lamborghini customers’ gathering in Jakarta. “The supercars I drive symbolize how much I appreciate myself for all the hard work I’ve done.”

Indonesia will join ranks with China and India as a “wealth creation giant”. The amount of high net-worth individuals in the country will more than triple to 104,000 in 2015 from 2010, according to wealth management firm Julius Baer.

Surging riches have driven the appetite for luxury goods, including cars. Italian-based luxury carmaker Lamborghini has doubled its sales within the past four years in Indonesia, now Lamborghini’s third-biggest market in Southeast Asia.

LP 720-4

Thirty out of 200 units of the Aventador LP720-4 launched to mark its 50th anniversary have been sold in Jakarta. The hefty price tag of between US$1.250 million and $1.350 million has does little to dampen the interests of Indonesia’s rich.

“Our Indonesian clients are not only buying high performance and powerful cars but also the lifestyle. They are very loyal to the brand, not only the product,” said Sebastien Hendry, the head of operations for Lamborghini in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Not only a reflection of Indonesia’s burgeoning affluence, Rudi and others like him represent a new wave of rich consumers, whose emergence has been driven by the mining, plantation and stock market boom in the last decade.

Darwin Maspolim, the chief operating officer of Grandauto Dinamika, the authorized distributor of the British-made Bentley, pointed out changes in its customer profile over the years.

“Ten or 15 years ago, Bentley buyers were owners of the top-500 companies in Indonesia, the so-called old rich. But now it has changed a lot,” said Darwin during the launch of a new version of Flying Spur recently.

“Many of them are now successful contractors, lawyers, doctors, plantation owners, etc. They buy it not to show off, but rather to enjoy their lifestyles,” he added. And for some, one or two supercars is still not enough.

“Driving supercars can really up our social status. They boost confidence when meeting up with clients and help expand networks,” said Rudi, who owns 10 Supercars, including two ultra-premium cars — Rolls Royce Wraith and Phantom — which, along with his Aventador, are mostly used everyday....

RR Wraith

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