Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Mind Blowing Photos of Snow and Ice

trees frozen in ice
Ice photography – a sensation of cold runs through our body whenever we hear that term. Rightly so, ice photography is the toughest of all types of photography. Photographers living in the tropical areas have to travel to take a bite of this type of photography, and the ones living in more colder ares have to put a lot of clothes on to get started. We are talking about reaching those curvy mountains and those frozen lakes. Taking the photographs that seem almost impossible before you try them first-hand.
However, the cold is the least a photographer shooting ice and snow has to think about. The bulk of clothes means he has to perfect the art of taking photos in uneasy angles and challenging positions. Add to that the fact he has to mostly shoot with gloves on. It takes practice and a lots of it to take photos like the ones we have showcased here.
The creative techniques, timing and angle for perfecting the art of ice or snow photography is pretty evident from the photographs we have showcased here. Here are 30 of the best, breath-taking photographs of Ice and snow that you will love.
Ice and Snow Photography
Photo from Time magazine taken in Antarctica
Ice in iceland
Photo by Martin Ysternes taken in Iceland
Ice Straw
Photo from WHMSoft
Sunset Ice
Photo by sunsion taken in Utah
antarctic ice photography
Taken by Time Magazine in Antarctica
Ice Sheet
Photo by Wolfgang Schlegl
Ice Sculpture
Ice photo North Holland
Photo by Ben the Man taken in North Holland
Ice Window
Photo of Ice Germany
Photo by Ben the Man taken in Almere, Flevoland.
Ice on Water
Photo by Hogne taken in Horten, Vestfold Fylke.
ice fireworks
Photo by Örvar Atli taken in Iceland
ice cave
Photo by Michael Anderson taken in British Columbia.
sea of ice
Photo by Robert Orthon taken in Southern Finland
icy hot
Photo by Norm Hoekstra of Lake Macatawa, Michigan.
blue ice mountain
Photo by Queensy Chan
Photo by mylhainen taken in Baltic Sea
Photo by Orvalatli Taken in Iceland
ice penguin
Photo by Andre Wagner
Photo by Morten Prom taken in Norway
ice station
Photo by John Dalkin taken at Pradise Harbour, Antarctica.
frozen lake
cracking ice
Photo by Robert Orthen taken in Finland.
ice lagoon
Photo by George taken in Iceland
fresh snow
Photo by Tapio Hurme taken at Ruissalo island
iceland volcano
Photo by Skarphéðinn Þráinsson taken in Iceland
WIndow of Ice
Photo by Ben taken in Iceland
ice skating
Photo by Eric Kieboom  taken in Groningen, Netherlands.

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